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Desert Milk (@desertmilkmusic) is a songwriting duo birthed in southern New Mexico's high desert hot springs town of Truth or Consequences. Retreat, healing, exploration, and relative isolation in the desert have shaped their sound—a fusion of Elise Brianne's dream-folk style of singing & songcrafting with Rob T Carey's roots-rock lyricism, guitar playing, and harmonica wailing.  


The duo's debut studio release is being recorded at their personal and professional recording retreat: Cosmic Turtle Sound Studio in TorC.


Prior projects hint at what's to come... 


As frontman and songwriter for Staten Island-based band The Headlocks, Carey, a long-time area musician who was known for his solo work as well as the Pocketful of Pearls trio, released three  Headlocks albums--Cuckoo Bird (2009), Most Golden Goose (2014), and Space Bird (2021).


Born and raised in Western NY, singer-songwriter Elise Brianne draws inspiration from dreamwork, meditation, road tripping, and immersing deeply in the natural world. She began writing original songs on the guitar and sharing them in local coffeeshops in 2006, while living in NYC. Following a handful of years spent alternately settling in and wandering the Pacific Northwest, she returned to New York to record and release a 5-song solo E.P. (Gypsum Roses, 2015).


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