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Desert Milk at T or C Brewing on Oct. 18th!

After a long performance break, we'll be getting back on stage for Sierra County Arts Council's Music Mix Series at T or C Brewing in Truth or Consequences, on Thursday, October 18th, at 7pm.

This has meant finding a whole new way of practicing and workshopping our songs, now that our songwriter selves double as mama and papa. Overall, it's a welcome challenge, seeing as how we want to keep our musical path alive and expanding for years to come. We've been so thankful to have a few fairy godmothers appear in our lives to help watch Leila while we get our act together. It truly does take a village!

And man does it feel good to sing together again... We feel so inspired and eager to share new and old songs & stories with the T or C community, who wrapped their arms around us warmly in the months leading up to Leila's birth and showed up for us in so many unexpected ways following her dramatic arrival. Hoping to see a room full of familiar faces on the 18th, so we can give back in the best way we know how!

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